TRIBOLOGIA - Dwumiesięcznik naukowo-techniczny
For authors and reviewers


Publishing rules


1.    The bimonthly TRIBOLOGIA publishes only original papers written in English or in Polish with an English translation that have not been previously printed in any other journal, not containing commercial and marketing items, and that focus on the problems of friction, wear and lubrication.

2.   Authors submitting the manuscript of the paper should deliver a declaration concerning the transfer of the authors’ rights to the Editor and the contribution of co-authors of the publication and the sources of financing the reported work.

3.   After a preliminary assessment made by the Editor confirming the scope of the paper within the area of interest of TRIBOLOGIA the manuscript is registered and reviewed (reviewing procedure is given on the website

4.  The authors receive 2 independent reviews and should introduce the necessary modifications according to the suggerstions of referees within 7 days.

5.    The Editor is responsible for the correctness of the language and reserves the right to abridge text, change titles and put necessary changes in the terminology without the agreement of the authors.

6.     A manuscript should be prepared in Times New Roman in the next order:

- first names and surnames of authors (11 points) and their affiliations in the footnote (9 p.),
- the title in English of the maximum of three lines (14 points), the title in Polish (12 points),
- keywords in English (9 points),
- abstract in English: 9-11 lines (9 points),
- keywords in Polish (9 points),
- abstract in Polish (9 points),
- the text in English with clear division into sections,
- references.
The main text: 10 points, single-spaced; two-language captions of figures and tables: 9 points, formulae: 10 points.

7.   After acceptance of the paper for publication, the text must be translated into English and submitted to the Editor ( in a Microsoft Word document format. Papers are restricted 12-14 pages including figures and tables. Drawings (black and white) should be prepared in Corel Draw, Illustrator or Excel. They should be saved in a vector form with the possibility of correction. Tables and drawings are to be placed in the text and also sent as the separate graphic files in the editable form (xls, xlix, PDF, cdr, ai), JPG or TIFF files at 300 dpi quality.   

8.    Formulae and equations  should be inserted into the text by means of MathType editor, Times New Roman 10 points, numbered consecutively with Arabic numbers.    

9.     References including the word literature are to made in the order of citation in square brackets as follows:

a) Periodical: author’s name/s, title of paper, periodical, volume, year, pages;

b) Book: author’s name/s, title, editor, place and year of publication.


The Editor requires the participation of the authors of the works subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and another authorities in the cost of the publication. The author’s share is 1000 PLN+VAT.

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